Friday, 6 January 2012

Gary Yourofsky

I have to sing the praises of this man. What an incredible speaker. I came across his video through a vegan group on Facebook, which is actually kind of funny, as I would think that his target audience is probably those who aren't vegan yet. The title of the clip is The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear, which is obviously a subjective claim, but the speech is pretty freakin' good. Gary is an amazing speaker, a knowledgeable guy and obviously very passionate about his cause, which in case you hadn't guessed by now, is veganism.

He's speaking to a group of university students, something he apparently spends a lot of his time doing, and presents in the short space of an hour basically every argument you could make for being a vegan. In my opinion, the environmental angle is slightly neglected, but he does a great job. The only part of the speech that I didn't appreciate was having to sit through the mountains of vegan food options widely available in American supermarkets. Jealous!

If I wasn't vegan or vegetarian before hearing Gary speak, then I would be afterwards. This is another one of those resources I wish I could share with everyone. It's a great video, really enjoyable for the most part and worth a watch even if you're already committed to the cause.

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